Dancone Ice-cream

palacio do cone
dordonnat & poulain lda.
apartado 1105
rua do paraiso 4


The Palacio do Cône in Carvoeiro is located on the main square in Carvoeiro and was opened on the 16th of April in 1988, and can thus celebrate its 28th anniversary in 2016.

The changes in Carvoeiro over these past years have been spectacular in regards to construction of both private accommodation and hotels, but most will agree that the village has conserved its charm and small town atmosphere.

It is our hope that the continued development and modernization will respect Carvoeiro for what it was; The sleepy little fishermen's village well coveted in its small bay.

Our products:

The unique and delicious Dancône, a homemade ice-cream cône  is freshly made everyday, filled with 2 or more scoops of ice-cream, whipped cream and a strawberry topping.

Pancakes made to order with a variety of sweet or salty toppings.

All our products are made of the best available raw materials, and no colouring, aromas or conservators are added to cônes or pancakes.


2 scoops ice-cream, whipped cream & strawberry topping
3 scoops ice-cream, whipped cream & strawberry topping
4 scoops ice-cream, whipped cream & strawberry topping


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