The International Algarve Fair

Every year in June the International Algarve Fair is held at the Fatacil ground in Lagoa.

The International Algarve Fair has grown over the years to now be a weekend event not only showcasing local businesses but also live entertainment and the Algarve Dog Show.

Every year more than 10,000 people from all over the Algarve come to the International Algarve Fair and it has become an event that you go to if you want to catch up with old faces that you may not have seen since the previous year in some cases!

The commercial aspect of the fair sees hundreds of exhibitors coming to the Fatacil ground with many offering special fair promotions.

In the past there have been businesses ranging from everything from health and beauty to furniture, clothing and books.

The area occupied by the International Algarve Fair is not as large as that covered by the Fatacil fair held in August, however there is plenty to see and do at this fair with many of the foreign run local businesses of the Algarve attending.

The fair is not free to enter and costs € 3.50 per person (2012 price) to enter.

The fair is open on the Saturday and the Sunday from 11am until 7pm and there is entertainment from live music to live dance that takes place throughout both of the days.

The main stands of the fair are found as you enter through the Fatacil gates (you can also buy tickets here).

There are also stands in the Pavillion area of the site and there are many different food outlets that come to the food court area (near to the main stage).

The live entertainment takes place in the food area on the stages set up for visitors. This area becomes very busy at peak times so it is advised that you work out a plan for getting food and seating – it is best to have someone secure the shaded seating while another gathers suitable food!

As with all events that take place at the Fatacil parking can be a problem, however you are usually able to park actually within the Fatacil site by entering at the secondary gates section (where the animals are exhibited for the Fatacil show in August).

Parking in this area can be a little haphazard however there are many shady spots.

If you do not want to park in the Fatacil ground then you may be able to find spaces within the business park opposite the Fatacil ground – although these are few and far between during peak times.

The International Algarve Fair does have Portuguese exhibitors however the bulk of those visiting the fair are foreign residents and visitors to the Algarve and English is the main language of the fair.

This fair is a great place to go with children as they will be able to have their faces painted and watch some live entertainment while adults are able to shop for bargains and special gifts.

Part of the International Algarve Fair is also the Algarve Dog Show.

The dog show is open to pedigrees and mixed breeds and has some serious and not so serious categories for everyone to be able to get involved in.

If you want your own pet to be able to take part in the dog show then make sure you bring the vaccination documents for your dog and then keep them on you for the duration of the show to comply with health and safety laws.

The International Algarve Fair is a great way to spend an afternoon and a brilliant place to catch up with old friends.

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The International Algarve Fair