Newsletter December 2018

Margarida Sampaio @

So Christmas is almost already here in Carvoeiro and it’s actually feeling a little festive around the place! 

This year we have been treated to some Christmas decorations around the village and while we are not exactly inundated with them it is nice to see some of the festive spirit making its way to Carvoeiro, rather than stopping at the roundabout in Lagoa. 

Festivities so far... 

I apologise for this newsletter being a little late, however it has given me time to experience some of the festive happenings in the local area already and to give a little feed back on them. 

Firstly, we have the Christmas lights which are about the place, if you have seen the ones in Carvoeiro you may not think they are up to much, however Jan has really helped by lighting up his places like Blackpool so we do have a real Christmas feel down in the square. 

We also have lights as you come in to Carvoeiro and a little nativity scene by the boat as you come in, while Intermarche have pulled out all of the stops with their dripping tree lights (quite hard to explain unless you see them) and have taken the supermarket Christmas lights award for this year – better luck next time Apolonia! 

If you head into Lagoa then you will find lots of pretty lights about the place, which is only fitting for it being the city that it is... If you don’t fancy venturing into the great metropolis of Lagoa then you can simply take a drive along the EN125 to see where our taxes have gone this month. 

We have already had the Christmas markets in Lagoa and Carvoeiro and both were a little bit different from usual this year. 

In Lagoa they closed off the entire area around the auditorium to make an enclosed space – which looked like a great idea but actually made it lack quite a bit of atmosphere as it was lots of stalls around the outside and not much going on in the middle.  What I initially thought was going to be one of the living nativity scenes was actually some more like you would find at the Medieval festival in Silves. We had guys making swords, a couple of goats, some fish on sticks and a Roman centurian thrown into the mix.  An interesting blend but not terribly Christmassy and certainly not helped by the poor lonely guy on guitar singing to 100 empty yellow plastic chairs... 

What was a little more festive in Lagoa was the Living Statues that were planted along the main road in the town.  While the event itself wasn’t really a Christmas theme it was lovely to walk around the band stand listening to some light jazz while dropping a coin into the hats on the floor to watch them move and play tricks.  Top acts had to be the romantic singer who charmed all the ladies with his crooning and a very sweet cartoon character girl who gave anyone who walked by a fright as she made a squeaking noise behind their backs – it sounds rather odd, and it was but it was another example of bizarre events in the Algarve that really do actually work! 

Over in Carvoeiro we also had our annual Christmas market taking place in the square.  Again we had a rather different theme for the event which this year was pirates... 

They set up camp in the centre of the square and then entertained with skits, juggling and generally running about the place shouting at people.  It probably would have been a little more successful when we were there if there had actually been any children about the place but the couple that were down for the market spent most of their time hiding from the pesky pirates and trying to avoid eye contact while heading off for a crepe filled with chocolate. 

There was a good turn out for the Christmas market and a nice selection of stalls, including all the usual suspects and a good few new ones which made it a little more interesting for regulars! 

I take my hat off to everyone who puts in the effort at this time of the year to come out and do something a little special and it was all helped by the weather being glorious - we even had a few out in shorts down on the beach! 

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While I prepare myself for the food fest that is Christmas in my home I am also mentally preparing for New Years Eve which this year promises to be a return to form for Carvoeiro! 

This year we will once again have fireworks at midnight in the square, as well as music and entertainment leading up to midnight! 

It has been years since we had the fireworks in Carvoeiro and it is great to now that they are back.  I know that many of the bars and restaurants are open this year for the night so hopefully the combination of this and the fireworks will see Carvoeiro having a great atmosphere to welcome in the new year in style! 

UNTIL 2019... 

I will be back in the New Year at my regular time of the month we an extended newsletter to keep everyone in the loop about the comings and goings in Carvoeiro and until then I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Feliz Natal e Feliz Ano Novo!