Arte Algarve - Lagoa

There are big plans in the pipeline for the winery in Lagoa with the space above the working winery already being used as a huge art gallery.

Opposite the bus station and behind the Pingo Doce supermarket is the large winery (Adega). For years the winery has been making wine from local grapes but now the large unused space above the main production area is now the home to Arte Algarve.

You do not need to be an art aficionado to enjoy the art here with the concept of accessible art being central to the private gallery.

All the hundreds of pieces of art are on sale but there is no pressure to buy anything if you simply want to have a walk around and see examples of different types of work.

The team behind Arte Algarve are passionate about art created by the local artists and by those inspired by the Algarve but are also dedicated to preserving the Adega and promoting the local Lagoa wine with wine tours being available if you book in advance.

As well as being an amazing space for showing off art, Arte Algarve also holds events with live music and entertainment and a full programme of events and plans is available if you sign up to their newsletter to see what they have on offer including some outdoor events, markets and concerts.

If you are an artist then you are also able to submit your work for consideration to be shown in the gallery as Arte Algarve are very keen on helping young and aspiring artists to gain recognition while children are also encouraged to visit the gallery and be inspired by what is on offer.

The aim of the gallery is to make the works of artists available for everyone to see and possibly buy and artists are encouraged to keep the prices low to allow more people the chance to buy their own original piece of art work.

Even if you do not want to buy anything, a trip to the gallery is a good way to spend a little time in Lagoa with the enormous gallery being an impressive space in itself.

There are not many places in the world where you can walk around and view pieces of art while the sounds and smells of the winery float up from below.

The gallery is open Monday - Saturday from 10am until 1pm and from 2pm until 6pm and admission is free.

For further information about the gallery and Arte Algarve then either call 282 913 130, email or visit