Alcalar megalithic monuments

 lat: 37°11'52.22"N long: 37°11'52.22"N

The land stretching from north from the Alvor inlet through the coastal hinterland to the Monchique range, offered a wide range of economic resources that were fully used by the inhabitants between the fifth and the second millennium BC.

The finest monumental group of structures in this area was discovered near the village of Alcalar. Since then, several generations of archaeologists have excavated this now world-famous site.

How to find it: EN125 Portimão-Lagos at Penina take the road to Alcalar (about 4km) then take follow the signs to the necropolis.

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A visit to the nearby new Autódromo Internacional do Algarve - Algarve F1 circuit is a short and worthwhile detour.

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