Big game fishing

One  of the boats offering 1 day trips.

Departure from Portimão at 9 AM, it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the fishing grounds (+/- 18 kilometers from the coast) and prepare the fishing gear.

Marlins, Swordfishes, Bill fish, Tuna, Bonitos, Blue fish, Large Bass, Giant Conger Sea Breams and different kind of sharks; blue sharks, Mako sharks, Hammer-heads, Copper sharks are roaming the waters

Usually a light lunch consisting of Chicken Piri Piri, chips, bread and a fruit is included in the fare. Cold drinks can be bought.

The best period of the year for fishing is June-September
when the water is warmest.

Return at 4.30 PM

Prices as of March 2000 is +/-:
Fishing: 62.50 euro / Spectators: 30.00 euro

Please note that I am not a fishing enthusiast, all fish caught on this trip was put back into the sea immediately, with all my apologies for having disturbed their day!


Baits are set and then...






Suddenly a reel starts spinning and chaos is total...
The battle commences...


The fish lost...
the hook is carefully removed.



Time for a Photo...

...and yet another one.

The fish, wondering what it is all about
was returned to sea immediately afterwards!

The proud fisherman

Praia da Rocha


Time to return...the trip itself a treat,
beautiful views of Praia da Rocha...

The new Marina in Praia da Rocha, Portimão

New Marina in Portmão

Castle in Ferragudo

The Castle in Ferragudo...

And finally in harbor
after a good day at sea!