Jailhouse September 2003

Last month I was fortunate enough to be invited by friends to spend a few days in Carvoeiro - the fourth time I have stayed. For anyone visiting your lovely village a trip to the Jailhouse has to be a must. Where else can aspiring musicians get to jam with performers of the calibre of Bobby Stardust and Eric Wragg.
Bobby runs the Jailhouse and performs every night. A few years back he was a member of the band Smokie. The bar has a great atmosphere and hanging on the wall are a couple of guitars. I went up to Bobby, told him I played guitar bit, and he invited me on to the stage to play a couple of numbers. It was simply a case of selecting a guitar and off you go. Bobby's friend Eric joined us on bass.
The audience seemed to like it and it was the highlight of my week.

A great bar in a great village - I can't wait to get back.

Peter Warburton
October 2003

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