The Farm


Mountains of Monchique 2000

The Farm house

Up in the mountains of Monchique we went to visit a farm. Our hosts, a couple in the late sixties, had kindly offered to show us the process of distilling the Medronho spirit.

Time vanished with the tarmac several kilometres before our arrival, twice we had to cross a river, a four wheel drive vehicle no luxury.

For the remaining romantics, dreaming of a life of independence, being self sufficient and living of the earth, here is the recipe!

Chickens, a couple of pigs, dogs and a donkey for company, visits are appreciated. The sparse supplies happily shared.

Life could be called basic at these parts, electricity is supplied by a generator but just a few hours in the evening, for the light and a little television. The running costs prohibitive. A cellular telephone driven of a solar panel ensures contact in case of illness or emergency.

Cooking takes place over a wood fire on the ground in a dedicated room, not quite what Miele might call a kitchen. In the absence of a refrigerator, sausages are hanging under the chimney, smoked indeed.

Each sentence accompanied by a "Se deus quizer" or "God willing"
"He who understands nature walks close with God." - Edgar Cayce

Steen Jakobsen
Algarve 2000

Our host Soon to be dinner