Take a boat trip

Admire the coastline and the grottos. Book a boat trip to explore the caves along the coast between Carvoeiro and Benagil directly from Carvoeiro beach.

The local fishermen who run the boats on the beach in Carvoeiro can be found if you head down to the beach and then look to the left near to the showers.

Most of the men in charge of the boats speak some English and will be able to do a full safety brief before setting off either on a modern boat or on one of the much photographed traditional painted boats that you see on the beach all year around

Boats can take up to nine people at a time depending on which one you opt for and the trips take either one hour or one hour and 20 minutes.

The hour boat trip takes you along as far as Carvalho beach and you are able to explore the coast line all the way along to this point.  The longer trip takes you to Benagil and as far as the largest cave along this stretch of coastline.

Paraiso Beach

Trips can only be booked a day in advance in most cases as the trips are dependant on the sea conditions.  If you go to the beach in the morning from 9am then you will be able to book a trip for later in the day without any problem in most cases.

Carvoeiro Beach Carvoeiro from sea
Algar Seco from sea Algar Seco, a spectacular sight, also from the sea.
Vale de Covo Vale de covo from sea
  Centianes beach seen from sea  Centeanes beach seen from the Sea
 Carvalho beach seen from the Sea  Praia do Carvaho from Sea
  Benagil Beach seen from sea Benagil beach seen from the Sea
 Getting close to Marinha beach  Getting close to Marinha
  Sardines on beach Some of the tourist vessels (from Portimão) offers a lunch consisting of grilled Sardines, salad and bread, on secluded beaches.
Some of the caverns are so big that even larger vessels can enter.  The Cathedral
 Loook up!  Sail through!