Local charities

Local charity shops

There is currently only one charity shop open in Carvoeiro and this can be found on Rua do Barranco (the out road) on the left hand side just before the moto rent shop as you leave the village.

This charity shop raises funds for the Donkey Sanctuary and it is a great place for people looking to pick up some good quality second hand goods including books, clothes and furniture while it is also the closest place for people wanting to donate unwanted, clean, quality items for charity.

There are other charity shops in the area including one in Lagoa, also for the Donkey Sanctuary, and another in Silves for Castelo dos Sonhos (see below for details).

Local charities

There are many national, international, regional and local charities operating in the Algarve and details can be found for many of them by doing a quick search online.

Below are a number of charities which have more of a Carvoeiro or local focus. If you would like to add any further charities then please contact the webmaster.

Donkey Sanctuary – Refugio Dos Burros

although this charity is named after saving donkeys, the charity actually also works to rescue horses, cats and dogs.

The charity, based in Estombar,has been around for over 20 years and the dedicated staff are constantly trying to house, rehabilitate and rescue abandoned animals in the Algarve.

The charity is independent and does not receive any government funding so it survives on donations made by people in the Algarve.

If you are looking for a pet in the Algarve then it is worth visiting the sanctuary first to see if you could house one of the many abandoned animals that they have in their care.

Many charity events in aid of the donkey sanctuary take place throughout the year and if you would like to know more about this charity and the work that they do then please call 964 112 011 or visit www.refugiodosburros.webeden.co.uk

Castelo dos Sonhos

For more than 10 years Castelo dos Sonhos has been helping under privileged people in the local area.

Based in Silves but extending their services beyond the city, the charity does some very important work within the community and is led by the tireless Lilana Rodrigues.

The charity helps all members of the community from collecting baby food and clothes, to helping the elderly, to providing sewing lessons to prisoners at Silves prison.

Currently they have a charity shop in Silves and are now working to open their own facility in Silves as a permanent base for people in need in the area.

Silves Câmara have approved a plot of land for the centre which will be used as offices for the charity, a baby shop, food distribution centre and a laundry service. Already many donations for the centre have been made but they are still looking for extra help with building materials and funds.

Many charity events are held in aid of Castelo dos Sonhos – check local press for details.

For further information about the charity or about how to donate goods or funds, please call 282 332 665.

Algarve Oncology Association (AOA)

This is a regional charity that is constantly fund raising and supporting sufferers of cancer and their family members.

Based in Faro, the AOA have been trying to raise enough funds to open Casa Flor das Dunas – a residential home in Faro for cancer patients to be able to stay in while receiving treatment at Faro hospital.

This is an essential project for anyone having to travel for daily therapy and treatment as the travel costs and time can make the entire experience even mor difficult than it already is.

The charity offer invaluable support to local cancer patients and have been behind projects including the mobile breast cancer screening unit.

Each year there is the Mamamaratona race in Portimão with the funds from this being donated to the AOA. The charity also organise an annual fundraiser on the beach at Praia da Rocha with hundreds of people coming together to form a human pink ribbon to raise awareness and funds for the charity.

For further information about the AOA, please visit www.aoa.pt or call 289 807 531

Association for the Protection of Animals in the Algarve (APAA)

The APAA is an animal charity in the Algarve that raises funds to support abandoned animals in the Algarve.

The charity was first set up in 1995 and originally had its own rescue centre to house animals however it now does not have its own centre and instead money raised from the charity is used to support people with limited means to spay and neuter pets and to help with vets bills.

The APAA also have a large food collection initiative, collecting split bags of food from supermarkets and shops and giving this food to shelters and to individuals who support abandoned and rescued animals.

Funds are raised for the charity through the charity shops run by the APAA found in Albufeira, Alvor and Silves and also through the annual Scruffts dog show (held at the Fatacil).

The Scruffts dog show is a great day out for animal lovers and owners to show stray and pedigree dogs in the ring, while this is also a great chance for anyone looking to adopt an animal to find a lovable new addition for the family.

For further information about the APAA, please visit www.apaaportugal.com or email apaaportugal@gmail.com

Lar de Crianças Bom Samaritano

The lar is a childrens home based in Alvor which helps to house and support at risk children by providing a safe environment for them to live, learn and receive educational and cultural support.

There are usually around 30 children at the home at anyone time and although the home is supported by the government the children are always in need of extra items from the essentials such as food goods and hygiene products – to gifts for Christmas and Birthdays.

The technical director of the home, Margarida Castanhito, works closely with the local community in fundraising events and also to help raise awareness about the children who are at the home.

The home is supported by Rotary clubs in the region and also receives help from many local residents while others help by offering homes for the children.

For further information about how to help the home with either funds or other donations, please visit www.larcriancasbomsamaritano.org or call 282 459 201


In Lagoa there is a branch of Remar, this is a non government organisation that was first set up in Spain in 1982 and then in Portugal in 1989 to help disadvantages and marginalised people in the country.

The shop is a place where you can either drop off unwanted quality goods or buy items at good prices with money then being donated to the charity which works with drug users, homeless citizens and at risk children and elderly people to improve their lives.

The charity operates in more than 60 countries across the world.

The Remar shop in Lagoa can be found on the roundabout near to the Fatacil at Complexo Industrial do Carmo, Lote 21, 8400-405 Lagoa

For further information about Remar, please visit www.remar.pt or call 282 381 622

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