Municipal Courts

At the top of the O Farol, next to the Mirachoro hotel, are the municipal courts of Carvoerio.

This area consists of the municipal courts, a seating area for spectators, changing room facilities, a car park and recycling area.

The municipal courts are open to everyone for use and are kept open at all times (although the changing areas are kept locked).

The courts are marked out ready to play football, basketball and other sports and there are also football goals and basketball nets available for use.

The courts have flood lighting surrounding them and these lights can be turned on when requested by visiting the Junta and stating the time and date that you would like them to be on for and if you would like this to be a weekly fixture, monthly or a one off.

Having the lights turned on does not cost any money and anyone can make this request, just make sure you give some notice for this and check with the junta if the courts have been booked by any other groups for the same time.

If you want to hold a match then it is best to check with the Junta to see if the courts have been booked but most of the time the courts are available to anyone.

Currently circuit training, netball and football take place weekly at the courts but you can often find people taking part in a game of cricket, basketball or five aside.

This is a true community facility and is a real asset to Carvoeiro that is currently under used.

For further information, please call in to the Junta (on Rua do Barranco, between Bistro 72 and Innside Caffe).