Driving to Carvoeiro from Lisbon airport

273 km, 2 hours 40 mins - A2

There are four choices, two ferries and two bridges. The two ferries take longer and you would need to head towards the centre of the city as you would if you used the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge. The route you need is the Ponte Vasco De Gama bridge which is not only closer to the airport but also passes over the Expo site. It's signposted from the big roundabout as you come out of the airport.

This link Lisbon Airport to Carvoeiro will open a web page showing the route by car from Lisbon to Carvoeiro. When printing out (by using the Google print option - top, rh side) you might like to select 'Maps' instead of text, and 'Include large map' for an overall view of the route.

Note: For your return journey you can reverse the directions A & B by toggling the arrow to the right of them

Some members have had problems getting tickets at toll booths on the motorway and have ended up paying more than they should. If you keep away from the lanes with a big green V above (the Via Verde lanes) then you will be able to get a ticket. These lanes read boxes fitted in the front of the car (similar to the Dart Tags used on the Dartford Crossings in the UK) to automatically pay the tolls.

Please read about the A22 motor way toll at http://www.carvoeiro.com/A22tolls

You might prefer to downlod and print the document below. However, I do think the Google Map above is superior. The choice is yours.