General Info


Driving instructions here!

There are no public transportation directly from Faro Airport to Carvoeiro. You would need to take a bus from the airport to Faro and then a bus to Lagoa more info here!


The banks are open from 8:30 through to 15:00 Monday to Friday except holidays


1st Monday of the month Portimão
2nd Sunday of the month LAGOA
3rd Monday of the month SILVES

Post office
Postbox called "Apartado" can be rented.


Carvoeiro Tel: awaiting update
Approximate distances by road

Telephones [Many useful facilities]

Search a phone number in Portugal

All local Post Offices have public phones and you can pay after your call is finished. Local Post Offices also have the means to send and receive Faxes.    
Phone booths can be found on the centre square and along the streets at various points. These accept Credifone cards which can be purchased at most news agents and some supermarkets.

In order to place an international call you will need the country Code Number which can be found on the first pages of the Phone Book and on the information board it the Phone booths. Dial "00" followed by the Country Code Number (e.g. the UK is 00 44), then the area Code Number omitting the "0" , followed by the desired telephone number. If in doubt contact the International Operator at 099 for Europe and 098 for Outside Europe.

The International code for Portugal is 351
the area code for Carvoeiro is 282


Emergency phone number for immediate assistance is: 112

GNR Carvoeiro: 282 356 460

Health Center Lagoa: 282 340 370

Health Center Carvoeiro: 282 357 320



The local currency is the euro. The banks are open from 8:30 through to 15:00 Monday to Friday except holidays - read about the euro / escudos.