Driving to Carvoeiro from the UK


One route is through France to LeMans - Poitiers etc., then Bayonne/ Bairitz, through the Pyrenees (best done in daylight as it can seem forever at night!), then Burgos, Salamanca, then cross border at Badajos. You can then drive straight across to Grandola area, then drive down pick up the road to Silves; then half hour later and you're in Carvoeiro. This route assumes you going via the chunnel.

If you take the Plymouth ferry to Santander, Spain, you can cut out the drive through France - but can be very rough!

From Santander a very picturesque route is to Burgos, North Spain. It is quite beautiful; very green. If you go this way, look out for motel Picon del Conde - very modern/not expensive, then only a short drive from Burgos. Then we go to Salamanca, hotel near to the centre (please try to see this beautiful city, the university buildings are something to see and the huge square( in the holiday season they have strolling musicians round the cafes), head for Badajos, the Portuguese border. Pick up the motorway signed for Lisboa/Lisbon-Setubal, before this you will see signs for Algarve and motorway, this brings you on to the route to Albufeira-Boliqueime-Parderne.

The journey times are between two and three nights dependent upon the route, the roads and your nerve!

Please read about the A22 motor way toll at http://www.carvoeiro.com/A22tolls