Albandeira Beach

9.600 meters from Carvoeiro by road going east
see on map lat: 37° 5'27.27"N long: 8°24'1.00"O
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Parking: There is a car park at the top before the beach with a good amount of spaces.
Access: To access the beach you need to go down a number of wooden steps which can be quite challenging.
Lifeguard: No
Beach Bar: No
Picnic Area: Yes, with several large tables

Details: Head towards Benagil and follow the signs down to this beautiful beach that has long been a favourite with people “in the know” in the area.

The beach itself is split into several small different parts thanks to the rocks.

To the left of the steps there is a large area of beach at low tide that sits directly in font of the beach bar. To the right of the steps there is a smaller beach with lots of rocks but the best part of the beach has to be the little opening on this side of the beach that leads you through to another beach area with amazing views.

You can get through at low tide without getting wet, but you need to make a run for it between waves!

On the other side there are lots of rocks that have fallen from the cliffs and you have to be really careful not to sunbathe beneath the cliffs - the evidence of rock falls is all around.

If you don't want to dash through the little cave then you can always swim around to this other beach. It isn't too far but you do need to be a strong swimmer and when you swim round you pass under an amazing arch way.

This beach is beautiful and a great place to spend the day looking in rock pools, running between the beaches and having a picnic – just make sure you heed the warning signs about rock falls.

Albandeira Beach 1

Albandeira 2


Albandeira Beach 4

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