Newsletter February 2000

Newsletter February 2000
This months newsletter has been written by:
René Kalkbrenner


Internet Café in Carvoeiro ???

Finally !!! Due to open in the beginning of March in Rocha Brava (The former coffee shop close to the reception), more news as soon as available!

Carnaval 2000 march 5th at 15.00 on the square in Carvoeiro
Pevide, Zacarolas & Salsinha
Inscriptions before 3/3/2000 on tel: 282 356 623

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a travel description by Adrian Caffery.

The Future of living. 

 For decades Carvoeiro has been subjected to innumerous construction endeavors ranging from single houses, apartments and villas to large tourist complexes. In recent years the fever died down. With the completion of the Hotel Almansor and complexes like the Algarve Club Atlantico and Monte Dourado the number of construction orders went back significantly. As we start the new millenium, we look around and see an ever increasing number of building crews bustling in and around Carvoeiro every morning. In fact, there is hardly anybody in the industry who is not involved in some kind of building enterprise. These people are concentrating a large amount of their efforts and resources on two major projects that have been launched in 1999. One is the urbanisation to be known as Golfemar, just behind the Vale do Milho golf resort and the other in called Vale da Lapa and is situated on the cliffs behind the Carvoeiro Club.

Planning for Golfemar shows, that the properties in front of the Benagil water tower, that have been deserted for years, will now be converted into an urbanisation consisting of a mixture of villas, apartments and bungalows surrounding a central leisure area. They all feature a panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding countryside and promise to become a comfortable, modern and well-situated living complex.

Vale da Lapa, sold as a complex of 64 individual properties, seems destined to become one of the prime living areas, challenging to equal and even surpass the living standards of the Algarve Club Atlantico, which are known to be the highest in Carvoeiro at the moment. Every villa is being built to the highest standards possible with today's technology, aiming to satisfy the demands of the new owners for quality. Not surprising, taking into account, that the purchase of these properties already meant quite some investment. The location alone promises that these lucky owners will get their money´s worth when the villas are all finished. The sea view is truly breathtaking and the peaceful location far away from anything resembling traffic promise to make Vale da Lapa a valuable addition to the habitation facilities in Carvoeiro.

So when you are next in Carvoeiro, take some time to take a look at the future of living and you might just want to consider spending your next holiday in one of these houses.

For more sales information on Vale da Lapa please contact:

Apartado 1289
8401 Praia do Carvoeiro
Phone: 282 356577
Fax: 282 356994

Vale da Lapa

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For more sales information on GolfeMar please contact:

Grupo PGM
Tel.: (+351) 282 359 174
Fax: (+351) 282 357 512

petition "Lagrima Negra"
We could all do something to help stop a disaster which is just waiting to happen.
Many of us are unaware that the petrol tankers pass by very close to the coast, and sometimes only about 2000 meters away. Imagine one day there's a leak like in France and Brazil, our lovely Carvoeiro, and surrounding beaches, would be ruined for years to come not to mention the wildlife that would be killed.
At the primary school there is a petition to sign, all are welcome to go up and sign it. Alternatively, it can be signed here.
On the 17th of May 2000 there will be a demonstration on the beach and a boat going along the coast to try and get the laws changed